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Executive Search for SAAS &Analytics Businesses

Catalytic1 will help you recruit a new breed of executive to grow your business. Businesses  today require executives who can leverage Digital, Cloud, Social and Analytics to create new products, increase revenue and lower costs. This new breed of executive has a blended portfolio of business, technology and leadership skills.

Catalytic1 works with clients who are looking for leaders  who understand how to leverage Digital Transformation for growth, and the value of actionable insights that come from integrated world class Data Analytics.

Fractional In-House Recruiter & Organizational Strategist for Startups

So, you’ve successfully funded your early stage SAAS, Analytics, Cloud or Digital start-up, and are ready to scale up. Your business plan says you will grow from your current 18 employees to 100 over the next 18 months. What are your critical challenges?

  1. Hire quality employees across the board with minimum disruption to founders and progress of business customer acquisition, product development and customer service.

  2. Defining and hiring for executive roles whose responsibilities are currently spread among several founders (Sales, Product Management, Marketing, Services).

  3. Creating an organizational infrastructure that serves current needs but will scale as the organization rapidly grows

  4. Put in place a foundation of aligning roles to business priorities and candidates to specific needs

  5. Put in place processes for validating fit of executives to their role as organization expands.

I can help. I have over 20 years experience consulting to advanced technology businesses on executive search, organizational design and talent strategy. I’ve also been a strategic consultant, executive coach and a compensation consultant.

I will come in-house to your organization, on a fractional basis, and free up your executive team from reviewing resumes to growing the company. Services include:

  1. “On-demand” answers from a nationally recognized executive recruiter and strategist, for an affordable monthly fee!

  2. Organizational design and recruiting strategy customized for your business model

  3. Confidential sounding board for CEO on hiring, organizational design, and re-staffing

  4. Designing and writing executive, professional and technical job descriptions

  5. Optimizing hiring process using “Lean” recruiting model

  6. Screening candidates

  7. Executive, professional and technical salary surveys

  8. Retained searches at substantial discounts

Outplacement and Resume Writing for Technology Executives and Professionals

You’re thinking about looking for work. Your resume hasn’t been changed in five years, and your last three jobs were acquired through your friends. Your resume is competent, but is that enough?
Most resumes make the mistake of documenting work experience. But a resume isn’t work history – its marketing collateral. It should have the power and clarity of an elevator speech you would share with a CEO you met at conference.
Creative formatting adds little, and may even hurt you, since resume readers are used too a standard simple format.
I can help:
I will make your executive resume as clear as an elevator speech
I will use my 20+ years experience as an executive recruiter, writer, organization consultant and strategic consultant to turn your resume from documentation of your job history to marketing collateral; one that is as powerful and colloquial as an elevator speech.
The first step is an in depth 1 hour session discussing your background in detail and together coming to a decision as to your core message to the market, and a secondary one if needed.
We will use that information to write a great resume that is clear, elegant and powerful. We will do the same with your LinkedIn profile.
I'm assuming you already have a competent resume, and a professionally formatted one. There are many consultants who can help you with that. I can help you take it to another level. My suggestions seem like commonsense, but often have a profound impact on the job seeker who gains a clarity as to how  his individual roles create a clear, powerful theme.